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Verbal Terrorism Productions

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Verbal Terrorism Productions is a rotating group of artists, poets, singers, songwriters and friends. The only constant is the founder Jada B.. who started the group; with a poem called Verbal Terrorism’s Manifesto in October 2001 as a response to her concerns that America was heading for a world war after the 9/11 attacks. She started the group with this concept, “Art can change the world by changing your heart and mind. ‘The personal is political’”. Based in Bloomington, Verbal Terrorism Productions or VTP for short; strives to create a place for artistry to flourish in rural Indiana far away from the corporate media and the commercial art and music scene. It has also been a haven for Indie touring artists to expand their friendship and fan base.

Some Music Artists we've worked with are: Bitch+The Exciting Conclusion= (NYC), Von Iva (CA), Sick of Sarah (MN) Anne Heaton w/Frank Marotta Jr. (NYC), Killjoy Confetti (IN), DJ Spikes (IN), Andy D (IN & NYC), Athena Reich (NYC), Muzaic (IN), Sara Grain (IN), Paper Airplanes (KS), Soapbox Sirens (KY), GoKarmaGo (KY), Sentimental Shark aka. Ryan Hertz (MI), Melodious Thunk (IN), Celia Shocklet (MO), The Binkleys (IN), Lacey Gillotte (MI), Julie Jurgens (IL), Molly Mendota (IN), Anna Saraceno (MO), The Prisms (IN),Denise Dill (IN), Anne Peterson (IN), Bunny Lu Cooper (IN), Mandy Hyndman (IN), Jen Fish Superstar (IN by way of MI & NYC), & other local/area and touring artists.

VTP Most Recent & Ongoing Projects

Bloomington Burlesque Brigade

Bloomington Burlesque Brigade (B3) is a networking group that Bloomington Burlesque performers can perform under, be helped by & use as a promotional tool. We are a classic & Neo-Burlesque troupe encompassing Vaudeville, striptease, comedy, cabaret & many modern performance art/technology forms. In 2009 VTP put on 3 Burlesque Workshops accompanied by Burlesque Showcase as well as The Hoochie Coo Burlesque Party! The workshops were taught by International Burlesque performers Lola van Ella & Michelle Mynx & Katrina Dohl (both from Gravity Plays Favorites)all from St. Louis MO. Lola van Ella coined the name Bloomington Burlesque Brigade after her 1st workshop & showcase & has provided major support for each of the Brigade's showcases & parties. The Hoochie Coo Burlesque Party! was the first performance that saw solo burlesque routines from members of the Brigade.

Ars Amicorum: the art of your friends

"Ars Amicorum: the art of your friends" was a makeshift gallery art show featuring local artists Katie Vernon, Amanda Weigl, Sam Parsons & St. Louis artist Josh Rowan with soul, funk & hip-hop music spun by DJ Spikes.

Poetry Church

A series of random events involving getting "saved" by poetry, music & art. These events are all night long poetry revivals that are not religious in nature, but meant to simulate the feelings of religious estaticism.

Music Showcases

A series of music showcases ranging from local singer/songwriters to national touring bands. Mostly geared towards female musicians & female audiences, but not limited to nor to the exclusion of men & male performers. The focus on female musicians is merely meant as a platform for unheard or underplayed artists.

The Ladyquakes!

The Ladyquakes! an "all girl" soul/rock band from Bloomington Indiana. Featuring Anna Saraceno on Guitar & Keys, Stacy Hoobler (of 1/5 Griffth & Puthy) on Drums, Clara Kallner on Bass & Jada B. on Vocals. The Ladyquakes! "NoNo" EP Releasing Feb 2010 on Hard Light Records Label & Co-Produced by Verbal Terrorism Production & Hard Light Records.

Verbal Terrorism Performance Club IU

VTP also has an Indiana University student sister group called Verbal Terrorism Performance Club. It is a group meant to bridge gap from the student population to the Bloomington residents population. Hoping to invoke greater involvement from both communities in each others lives & creative endeavors. It's primary goal is to get IU students working in the Bloomington community in artistic ways.

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