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Winslow Farm

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Winslow Farm is a neighborhood in southern Bloomington, off E Winslow Road. It is near Winslow Sports Park and the YMCA. The neighborhood is just across Henderson Street from Bloomington High School South. The major streets which are totally inside Winslow Farm are E. Winslow Farm Drive and Wylie Farm Road. Developed by Wininger-Stolberg in the mid 1990's, Moss Creek includes paired homes with common walls (also known as patio homes) with small lots. The homeowners association maintains the exterior of the homes. Other communities in the neighborhood may include two-story or ranch homes. The communities are joined by common areas which include ponds and other natural amenities.

List of communities

Winslow Farm is actually a collection of smaller communities, each with its own common design and construction elements. The communities are:

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