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Bloomingpedia:This week's featured article/2007 Week 7

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Avalon - 25-small.jpg

Avalon Games is a local gaming store that opened in late Summer of 2004. They are located in the Williamsburg shopping center on Pete Ellis Drive. A gaming store on the east side of town run by Keith and Chris, they keep a clean establishment and offer a variety of gaming experiences; tabletop, minitures, collectible card games, X-Box (there are two of them for head-to-head action), figures and collectables. They also carry a broad line of books and magazines, including local offerings such as Halcyon Magazine. Gamers of all disciplines can find something interesting.

Avalon plays host to nightly gaming events as well as regular tournaments for prizes and bragging rights. Popular regular gaming includes; table top role playing (many varieties), X-Box matches, Magic: The Gathering, Hero-Clix, WARMACHINE, and others. Large tournaments and events are held most Saturdays and can accommodate 30-40 people.

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