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Brett Horvath

From Bloomingpedia
Brett is a mischievous fellow.

The Man

Brett is the bar supervisor of The Indiana Memorial Union catering department. He is also the Cookie and Snacky Cakes Vice President. He prefers to be referred to as "Honey Mustard", which is his nickname for his intense passion for creating a better tasting honey mustard sauce.

Fantasy Football

Mr. Horvath is currently waiting for the football season to start. Last year, he had a team that was clearly head and shoulders above everyone else, but he refused to pick up Jeff Garcia when his main QB, Donovan McNabb, got hurt. This failure resulted in him losing 4 of his last 6 games, including a quick departure in round one of the league tournament. He has vowed this year is his year, and is anxiously awaiting the draft.

Chicago White Sox

In conjunction with his bar duties, he also works in part as a scout for the Chicago White Sox. He has worked one on one with prospects like Gavin Floyd, Charlie Haeger, and Ryan Sweeney. He is also actively pursuing a trade for current RF Jermaine Dye, but has no takers so far. It was also his idea for the 2005 World Series Championship theme song to be "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey.

Blue Blankie

This is something that requires a lot of snuggle time by the one Horvath. It gives him the cuddly good feeling that all good natured 50/50's love.

Around Bloomington

Mr. Horvath is a patron of most local establishments and within certain circles is somewhat of a local celebrity. If you see him out and about, feel free to talk with as he is very easy going, and has been known to buy drinks for those around him quite frequently. Also, he is scheduled to sing the National Anthem at this year's IU Homecoming football game.