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Cat killers

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The Cat Killers was a Bloomington free improv trio active from 1987 to 1996. The original lineup consisted of Eric Rensberger, Bill Zink (The Belgian Waffles!, Butchertown Allstars, Mudflap), and Bob Wagner (Can Openers, The Companion Trio) on drums. After Wagner returned to Baltimore, he was replaced by Keith Welch. Welch continued with the band until 1993. After a short stint as a duo, Rob Stockwell (Jackwacker, Mudflap) joined on drums in 1995. The Cat Killers had two releases: Real Folk Blues featuring Welch on drums (also featuring guests Tony Woollard, Matt Whitaker, and Dan Willems), and Wonderful World of Sound, featuring Stockwell on drums, recorded by Dan Willems in Louisville in '95 and '96.

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