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Deer Park

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Deer Park is a small neighborhood located next to SR 46 nearly Ellettsville. It also borders with phase 3 of the Woodgate Neighborhood.

Appropriate to its name, the neighborhood frequently has deer running through it at various times of the day. Drivers must be careful.


Exiting the neighborhood onto Highway 46 has become progressively more difficult with the dramatically increased traffic. A common technique used when turning left onto 46 is to wait for westbound traffic to clear, then pull into the median of 46 and then wait for an opening in eastbound traffic. Sometimes the wait can be as long as 5 minutes. The problem is exasperated by people taking Smith Pike as a short cut to the west side, the timing is just right so that there is rarely a break in traffic going westbound.

After the back entrance to Woodgate was opened, people from Woodgate and even Meadowvale began using Deer Park Lane and Ashbrook Lane as a through road to 46. This led some homeowners to complain about speeding and have county police come out and setup speed traps. This is especially a problem because the speed limit in Deer Park is 20 miles per hour, while its 30 miles per hour in Woodgate.