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Fat Dan's Deli

From Bloomingpedia
Fat Dan's Deli
Restaurant Type: American
Open Date: Nov. 2019
Address: 221 E. Kirkwood Ave., Suite 1
Phone: (47408) 812-287-7944
Current Owner(s): Dan Jarman

Fat Dan's Deli opened in the Victoria Towers building, uniting the east side with the west side where Esan Thai Restaurant used to be. The restaurant is meant to appeal to people from Chicago featuring brisket, hot dogs, tater tots, etc. Instead of a tray, the server brings your order on a big sheet of white butcher paper with orders of fries nestled among the baskets of food. There is a full bar, but also room for families in the dining area. Outdoor seating is available. This is the fourth location of the Indianapolis-based restaurant chain.