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IU Bowling Team

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Year 2008-2009

        -Indiana University underwent a reconstruction period after losing several seniors.
        This year Indiana University competed in nine tournament throughout the season. The
        Men ended up in 95th place and the Women ended the season in 62nd place. Neither team
        qualified for the sectional field of the 2009 USBC Intercollegiate Team Championship.
        However some members of the girls team will be trying to qualify for the 2009 USBC
        Singles Championship.  

Year 2007-2008

        -Indiana University's bowling received an invitation to the Intercollegiate
        Bowling Sectional Qualifying tournament in Fairview, IL for being top 64 in the 
        nation. Indiana bowlers finished 24th in the nation. The IU bowling team got 3rd place
        in the ITC Sectionals giving them one of 16 prestigious spots in the ITC Team 
        Championships in Wichita, KS. This is Indiana University's third showing at the ITC 
        National Team Championship. IU was the second lowest seed in the tournament to Univ.
        Wisconsin Whitewater. Also this was the first year in which four Indiana bowling teams
        bowled in nations together: Purdue, Calumet, Vincennes, IU. Indiana University finished
        14th after the first round of 32 baker game. The next day teams were seated according
        and where bowling bracket style, double elemination. IU's for match was against the
        number 2 team in the country, Saginaw Valley State. Saginaw Valley won the match with a
        4-1 baker game victory. However IU continued to the next round due to the double 
        elimination style of the tournament. IU's next match was against the number 13 team in
        the country, Pikeville College. Match two was a close match were Pikeville obtained a
        3-0 lead however the Hoosiers battled back and won the next four baker games making
        the Hoosiers victorious in a 4-3 baker battle. Round three would involve the Hoosiers
        battling the bowlers from Wisconsin Whitewater. Hoosiers ended up loosing this match
        4-2. This year the Hoosier Bowling Team losses four members due to graduation and one
        member due to studying abroad.
        -This year Indiana's A Team and the Women's team made it to the ITC Sectional Qualifying
        tournament in Fairview Heights, IL. 
        -After try-outs not only was one team formed, A, but so what a second team,B. This would
        be the first time in many years the Hoosiers had two teams particpating in college 


      Start sometime in mid-late September

The 2008-2009 Hoosier Bowlers

     Indiana University Men's Team
         Names      Games    Ave
     Davis, Larry	 49	192.245
     Dehaven, Austin	 28	179.75
     Dye, Wes	         44	178.159
     Courtney, Blake	 20	175.65
     Lemond, Desmond	 41	174.415
     Bolden, Brandon	 38	173.447
     Clevenger, Nick	 11	170.909
     Spencer, Brad	 36	169.194
     Ransom, Preston	 9	158.778
     Kwiecinski, Robbie 13	156.154
     Blevins, Chris Jr. 13	149.846
     Elmore, Kenneth	 2	125
     Indiana University Women's Team
          Names     Games      Ave
     Hart, Brittany	47	170.064
     Betz, Ashley	44	158.523
     Valestin, Alexis	38	153.605
     Updegraff, Anita	45	150.578
     Hufford, Bethany	38	147
     Gabbard, Anna	28	144.464
     Goddard, Jennifer	10	136.1

The 2007-2008 Hoosier Bowler

     Indiana University Men's Team  
         Names        Games   Ave   
     *Hoagland, Nick     51   210.431 
     *Lubash, Ryan       53   199.981 
     Bischoff, Adam      39   194.385  
     *Fernandez, Steve   50   188.720 
     Davis, Larry        30   185.367 
     Dehaven, Austin     39   184.769 
     Leno, David         13   184.154 
     *Abbott, Tim        35   183.229 
     Bolden, Brandon     12   182.250 
     Shirley, Lance      15   181.600 
     Emmons, Craig       13   181.385 
     Blevins, Chris Jr.  9    171.667 
     Miller, Zach        10   163.000 
     Indiana University's Women's Team
       Names         Games   Ave
     *Minick, Jamie        51   159.098 
     Kronmiller, Courtney 51   156.706 
     Updegraff, Anita     51   152.059
     Kuykendall, Samantha 27   143.333
     Hufford, Bethany     51   140.431

Contact Information

      Adam Bischoff