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Ison Road Bodies

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On September 14, 2007, the bodies of Douglas Brown and Everett Shaw were found in barrels. They were in an advanced state of decomposition. The barrels were on the property of Jerry E. Pelfree, about 100 yards from his house.

The three men were involved in a methamphetamine lab. Pelfree had shot the victims and left them to decompose in the barrels over the hot summer. He was sentenced to 130 years in prison, including 65 years for each murder.

Pelfree had had a criminal record, including a conviction for battery, dating back to 1971, when he was sent to the Indiana Boys School. He had also spent more than ten years in federal prison on a drug-dealing charge.

News Story

This story made it to national news and was reported to have the number 3 spot on on the morning of Sunday, September 16th.

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