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Jon Konrath

From Bloomingpedia

Jonathan "Jon" Robert Konrath (b. January 20, 1971, Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota) lived in Bloomington from 1989 through 1995. He went to Indiana University during the 1989-1990 school year, and from 1991-1995, except for 1990-91, when he attended IUSB. He wrote a book about experiences in Bloomington called Summer Rain. He also created a print and website glossary called The NecroKonicon. It is full of information about his personal life including a lot of entries for things in Bloomington and Indiana. The NecroKonicon is actually one of the influences behind the creation of Bloomingpedia.

While in Bloomington, he edited a Death Metal zine called Xenocide that he started when DJing at WQAX. One of the contributing writers who mailed him record reviews was Adam Gadahn, who later became an Al-Qaeda member and is now on the FBI's ten most wanted list.

He earned a degree in General Studies and worked for UCS. After graduation, he worked as a technical writer in Seattle, New York City, Denver, Los Angeles, and Oakland.

He lived in the following places in Bloomington:


  • Summer Rain (2000)
  • Rumored to Exist (2002)
  • Tell Me a Story About the Devil (2003)
  • The Annotated Rumored to Exist (2004)
  • Dealer Wins (2004)
  • The NecroKonicon (2006)
  • Fistful of Pizza (2011)
  • The Earworm Inception (2012)
  • Sleep Has No Master (2012)
  • Thunderbird (2013)
  • Atmospheres (2014)
  • The Memory Hunter (2014)
  • He (2015)
  • Vol. 13 (2016)
  • Help Me Find My Car Keys And We Can Drive Out! (2017)
  • Book of Dreams (2018)
  • Ranch: The Musical (2019)
  • The Failure Cascade (2020)

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