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Larry Yaeger

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Larry Yaeger is a prominent computer scientist that has contributed to a wide variety of computing fields since the 1960s. He is currently a professor at the Indiana University School of Informatics. He has made significant contributions in the areas of Artificial Life, Artificial Intelligence and Aerospace. He was a distinguished scientist at Apple Computer from 1987 until 2006, where he was a lead developer of the handwriting recognition software for the Apple Newton, which was the first commercial PDA device. He also subsequently implemented the technology into Mac OS X under the name Inkwell.

Larry had a major role in the early development of computer graphics in movies, where he was the principal author of the software environement used to render the first photorealistic computer graphics for the movie The Last Starfighter as well as the movies 2010, Labyrinth and had some influence on Terminator 2 and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

But arguably his most impressive accomplishment is when he taught an Introduction to Informatics course at IU, where he had to maintain the constantly wandering focus of 50 freshmen.

The list of things that Larry has done is extensive, its best to read his biography on his website, linked to below.


Larry was born in Hialeah, Florida and attended Purdue University, majoring in Aerospace Engineering. While going to school in West Lafayette in the 60s, he came to Bloomington for a Vanilla Fudge concert and also visited Nashville. He was astonished by the beauty of the campus and the area.

Larry moved to the Bloomington area in 1996 and currently lives in Bean Blossom and also runs the server for the domain.

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