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Park Avenue

From Bloomingpedia

Park Avenue is a north/south street in Bloomington. It exists in several unconnected spurs throughout the city. The first spur begins at 14th Street and runs for about 300 feet to 13th Street. The second spur has its northern terminus at 12th Street and continues south, at one point passing behind Collins LLC, and ending at 10th Street across Dunn Meadow from the Indiana Memorial Union. A third spur starts at Atwater Avenue and goes south for less than half a mile until it dead-ends south of Maxwell Lane on the northern edge of Bryan Park. A fourth segment runs from a dead end south of Bryan Park until Hillside Drive. The fifth and final spur runs south from Thornton Drive to Miller Drive, where it meets its final terminus.

Landmarks/places that Park Avenue passes--or is cut in half by--are: