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Peter Dvorak

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Peter Dvorak is a prominent Bloomington developer. He once owned the company Pinnacle Properties and controlled more than 2000 rental units in Indiana.

He began buying up rental properties in 1989, but later decided to focus on the renovation of larger industrial sites rather than rentals, starting as a minor stakeholder in the RCA renovation, and eventually buying and renovating the old Teletron building and the Johnson Creamery, and sponsoring the Pinnacle School.

He had planned to build additional Bloomington hotels; one at the corner of Third Street and College Avenue and one at the site of the College Motor Inn, along with other out-of-state renovations, but was unable to obtain sufficient financing. In an attempt to save costs, Pinnacle moved out of the Johnson Creamery into the former Portico's restaurant building on north Walnut Street, but went out of business in August of 2009.

Dvorak is currently chairman of Pinnacle Asset Management, which has investments in Morris Innovative and Sproutbox.