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SR 37

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Indiana State Highway 37 is a road that runs from the northeast corner of Indiana down through the southwest corner. It runs through Bloomington on the west side with exits for College Avenue, SR 46, 3rd Street, 2nd Street, Tapp Road and Walnut Street on the south side.

Approaching first Bloomington exit headed south


Recently, Highway 37 has been rebuilt in many places between Indianapolis and Bloomington, possibly in preparation for the proposed Interstate 69 extension. Highway 37 was completed west of Bloomington in 1969. Some buildings were either moved or demolished to make way for the Highway, and the path went through many farm fields. At that time, Hwy 37 was outside of Bloomington's western city limits.

Old routes of State Road 37 have been named Old State Road 37, but since Walnut Street on the north side of town was renamed to Business 37, many residents began referring to Old 37 as "Old Old 37", while Walnut Street was considered "New Old 37".

Between US 50 and I 465 it is named after Ruel W. Steele, the head of the highway commission that created 37.

Cities on this road

  • Ft. Wayne
  • Marion
  • Anderson
  • Indianapolis
  • Martinsville
  • Bloomington
  • Bedford
  • Mitchell
  • Paoli
  • Tell City


  • 2006-09-15 ~5:45pm - An accident on 37 northbound caused a huge traffic backup going back to 2nd street. Police redirected traffic onto third street, but the backup continued through 7pm.

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