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Southers Whitecapping

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On August 17, 1897, Ben Sutherland, Milton Southers, Julia Ann Southers, Posey Southers and Ida Tredway or Treadway, were taken from their home and whitecapped.

Milton Southers, or Southern, (11 May 1854 - 19 Dec 1942) was the elder. He was awakened by his door being broken open by several men, who blew out the light, blindfolded him, and took him outside, perhaps to his father's house. Along with Southers, his wife Alice and son Posey were taken, as well as Julia Ann Southers, Josie Treadway and Ida Treadway, a little girl around 12 years old. Southers and his wife each received 30 lashes, Josie Treadway 25, and Julia Ann Southers 5.

The following men were put on trial for the attack, but acquitted: Eli Eads, William Sexton, George Hartsock, Oscar Mitchell, John Mitchell, Everet Chambers, Morris Lucas and George Palmer.

The relationship between the Treadways and the Southers is unclear, but a Clarissa Southern (1864-1945) married John Treadway and they had a daughter Ada, which may be the family.