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Stansifers Radio Co.

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Stansifers Radio Company is a local electronics and ham radio supply store located at 1805 S Walnut Street, IN 47401, across from Night Moves.

Having been in business over 35 years, they are distinguished by their local character and knowledgeable staff, and carry an inventory over over 28,000 distinct parts.

The company is owned by Wanda Smith, who is the daughter of Earl "Ted" Stansifer. Stansifer and his brother Eugene operated the Full-o-Pep Battery Co. at the corner of 3rd Street and College Avenue, before Ted Stansifer opened Stansifer Radio Company in 1944. He built the company's current building in the early 1950's. The company did a brisk business selling parts for televisions in the 70's and 80's, selling often to Sarkes Tarzian, Inc, but more recently has moved into industrial supply. The Cook Group and NSA Crane are two large customers.


  • Ted Stansifer died in 1991.
  • At the end of 2009 they replaced their front awning and signage.

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