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Steve Sheldon Photography

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Yes, there is! Steve's interest in photography began at age nine. He and a friend built a treehouse and the friend bought a camera to take pictures. Steve's parents then bought him a 1964 World's Fair Kodak camera (remember, Steve is really old!). His family and neighbors were his constant subjects. Soon, he set up a darkroom in his mother's broom closet.

Always taking pictures and developing them. His interest led him to taking pictures for the Edgewood High School newspaper, yearbook and local papers. Steve got a job at a portrait studio in high school and has been earning a living as a photographer ever since.

Kindra and Steve's work has been exhibited at the International Photography Hall of Fame, Indiana State Fair and the International Professional Photographers Guild Headquarters. Kindra and Steve's unique ability to capture "the real you" has brought clients from all over Indiana and surrounding states to Steve Sheldon Photography.

311 South Swain Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47401