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The Warehouse

From Bloomingpedia

The Warehouse was an all-ages Punk rock music venue on 17th Street in Northwest Bloomington during the years of 1990-1992. Nothing more than the empty backroom of a shipping warehouse, With Authority frontman, Dave Hate, rented the space for shows that could fit no more than 100 people. While other people organized shows at The Warehouse, Dave started the era and organized most of the shows as With Authority remained its biggest draw.

Among other acts that played at The Warehouse; Green Day, Split Lip, Dead Dizney, Bunk House, Stand Alone, Advance, UK Subs and many others. Under the radar, Warehouse shows were often threatend by the police and neighbors complaining about the noise. When superstars Green Day played The Warehouse early in their career, only eight people paid $2 for the show (besides the two opening bands).

After it was closed down Harmony School and the mayor's office saw the need to fill the void with an all-ages club and Rhino's All-Ages Music Club was born.