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Wim Pok

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Wemonrat "Wim" Pok (1949? - August 2, 2013) was the original owner of Siam House in Bloomington and another Siam House in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

A native of Thailand, Pok moved to Bloomington in 1990, along with her daughter Soriya. She had been head chef at a San Francisco restaurant for many years.

On October 1st, 2008, she was found unconscious outside her Ft. Wayne restaurant with a head injury, and she remained in a rehabilitation hospital for the rest of her life. Her boyfriend, Gary Cushinberry, told police that Pok had caught the heel of her shoe in a crack in the sidewalk, fallen, and hit her head.

Many people suspected at the time that Cushinberry, who had a lengthy criminal record, had assaulted her, but he was never prosecuted.

Siam House was sold in September 2009. A warrant is still out for Cushinberry's arrest on an unrelated charge.

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