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Bill Goveia

From Bloomingpedia

Bill Goveia became involved with theatre by assisting with productions his daughter worked on with the Masqued Crafters of Edgewood High School in Ellettsville. With the Masqued Crafters, he built sets, designed sound, worked on lights, developed stage effects, and did rigging. In fact, for the Masqued Crafters production of the J.M. Barry 1903 Script of Peter Pan, Bill was the Flight Supervisor, working with Fly by Foy. Foy has flown Mary Martin, Robin Williams, and many national and international music acts. Shows he worked on with the Edgewood students included The Scarlet Pimernel, Marvins Room, Murder at Cafe Noir, Peter Pan and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

Bill now works with several local theatre organizations, including the Monroe County Civic Theater (MCCT) and the Bloomington Playwrights Project (BPP). He is a member of the board for the MCCT, as well as a member of the BPP Ensemble of Artists. He has also worked with the TBOB Bloomington comedy troupe, as well as appearing in independent film.

For the MCCT, Bill has appeared in Sleeping Beauty, Twelfth Night, Oliver Crumb and the Key to Atlantis, Hadrian VII, Director's Symposium XII,and Romeo and Juliet. He also directed Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol for the Dinner Theatre Series as well as Love and Hitchcock for Directors Symposium XII. He also served as Technical Director for Bram Stokers Dracula.

For the BPP, he has appeared in Acting Against Hunger, Vintage Scenes, Dramatech, Vrooom a NASComedy, the BPP Playoffs and the BPP Blizzard. He has also written for the Playoffs. He has crewed on Chicks with Dicks, Housewives of Mannheim, Empty Sky, Mad Honey and cowboyily.

Bill enjoys photography, writing, acting, playing guitar, movies and time with friends.

In his professional life, he serves as Project Manager for the Technical Services Department of Monroe County Government. He has nearly 20 years experience with various forms of technology.