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Brewster Sisters

From Bloomingpedia

The Brewster Sisters, Elinor (1754-1841), Jennette (1761-1839), and Agnes (1763-1830), were important settlers in early Monroe County, and the Dunn Cemetery deed stipulates that only their descendants and those that they marry may be buried there. Many Dunns, Maxwells, Sewards, and other families are descended from the sisters.

Agnes married William Alexander, Jennette wed Samuel Irvin and Elinor married Samuel Dunn, Sr., the father of Samuel Dunn. Dunn bought a large farm east of what is now Dunn Street, and his great-grandson, George G. Dunn, dedicated the burial ground. Later, he sold part of his farm around the burial ground to Indiana University.

It is possible that Agnes and Jennette lost their husbands and then moved to Bloomington to be near their older sister. Jennette's daughter, Jane Irvin, later married Austin Seward, and Hoagy Carmichael descends from Agnes.