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Bumper Stickers

From Bloomingpedia

Driving or walking around Bloomington, you will encounter some common as well as very unique bumper stickers. Some cars have one, some cars are covered with them from hood to tailgate. The slogans can be conservative, liberal, funny or just plain weird.


  • I stop for red lights
  • Stop Mad Cowboy Disease
  • God was my copilot, but we crashed into a mountain and I had to eat him.


Anti-George W. Bush

  • Dump Bush
  • Dump Bush - One person had their Dump Bush spray painted on in black. The owner of the car made a custom note next to it explaining how some politically charged moron thought it was important to make their point and do damage to his vehicle.
  • Give Bush an inch and he'll think he's a ruler.
  • (W) (The letter W crossed out in red)

Pro George W. Bush

  • (W) (Just the letter W)


  • Support our troops (magnetic and stick-on yellow/red-white-blue/camoflauge ribbons)

Specific Groups

  • PRO-ACCORDION & I VOTE! (Those Darn Accordions!)


  • Question Reality
  • COEXIST (Where each letter is a religious symbol)
  • Nuke Gay Whales for Jesus
  • Speak, it's not illegal yet