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Talk:Bumper Stickers

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A co-worker told me that the Coexist bumper sticker started with a guy here in Bloomington. It's apparently pretty popular and he sells them all over the world. There are also T-shirts. Dunno if anyone can confirm. It's a really cool logo....ahhh, Google: is there nothing you can't find? Check it: -Chrobb 01:37, 10 October 2006 (EDT)

Can't we just CoeXisT

But apparently there is a great controversy over the design's usage involving U2 and the apparent creator Piotr Mlodoseniec

The bumper stickers I have seen around town have nearly each of the letters represent some symbol. The Mlodoseniec design highlights only the three Abahamic religions - CoeXisT - I find the design much more powerful.