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Casa Brava

From Bloomingpedia

Casa Brava consists of two small Mexican restaurants. They are owned by the Montano family who also own La Charreada which has almost the exact same menu and is located closer to campus. They have many old Mexican artifacts along with mostly all original Mexican dishes. Originally on the west side, Casa Brava later opened up a second location on the east side in the old Long John Silver's restaurant in Eastland Plaza at 410 South College Mall Road.

While talking with a regular customer of the restaurant, it seems that Casa Brava was not very well known a few years ago when it was just starting out. When he first started going there it was very convenient because at the time he was working at Lowes. Now that he is no longer working at Lowes and lives on the east side, he can't make it there as often as he used to; but now that a location is opening up on the east side he says he will be able to go more often now.

Casa Brava seems to be taking over the Mexican restaurant business in Bloomington rather quickly. It went from a small almost ghost-like restaurant to having three locations in Bloomington, if you include La Charreada, and it seems to have been done so overnight. Bloomington is a very hard place to start a business or restaurant; downtown restaurants come and go in a matter of months, so to see what Casa Brava has done is nothing short of a miracle. It could be the good prices, the fast service, the great food, or what is said to be the best cheese dip in the area. Either way Casa Brava has definitely made a name for itself in Bloomington and surrounding areas and will easily continue to prosper.