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Double-E is a band that is based in Bloomington that plays mostly original music written by the band's founder and leader, Steev Wisher. Some other members have contributed as well, and certain cover favorites are also performed by Double-E. The name "Double-E" is the nickname that Steev is commonly known by. Currently the band has 5 members and can be seen at the band's website.

The band is dynamic, consisting at times of an acoustic venue with violin and mandolin, 12-string guitar and bass. The show evolves into full-on electric rock. The band is known for crowd pleasing entertainment, interweaving comedy with serious social commentary in the music.

Among the comedy songs are titles like The Butt Song, "Uber Uber Upland Beer", "Gimme A Reason (Not to Kick Yer Ass)", "Bitch About", She Came, Puff the Magic Doobie, Voice Mail and others. Of a comedic political nature is Race War for the Whitehouse, commemorating the battle between Obama and Clinton. And there's the newest one of a more serious nature, Rest Of The World.

A favorite venue for Double-E is the Upland Brewing Company, and other venues as well as many festivals and private functions. The band began as an acoustic duo in 2002, with Steev and Dale. Then in 2003, the band grew by one more: Dale Langdon on hand drums.

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