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Granger, Lowe & Bollenbacher

From Bloomingpedia

The Chicago architectural firm of Granger, Lowe & Bollenbacher was formed on August 1, 1924 when Hoyt Granger joined the firm of Lowe & Bollenbacher. Partners in Lowe & Bollenbacher were Bloomington native Carlisle Bollenbacher and Elmo Cameron Lowe. The firm appears in the construction press of 1925 as architect for an addition to the Sigma Chi House at 601 E. Seventh Street. The addition was in the same Free Classic style as the original John Nichols design. The building was again added to in the 1950's and made over in Georgian Revival style (Edward D. James & Associates).

Elsewhere, the firm designed the Country Club Methodist Episcopal Church, Kansas City, Mo., 1925.

The Chicago Daily Tribune reported on October 25, 1925 that Lowe was leaving Granger, Lowe and Bollenbacher to open an independent office. The firm continued as Granger & Bollenbacher.