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Herman Thompson Briscoe

From Bloomingpedia

Herman Thompson Briscoe (November 6, 1893-October 8, 1960) was an Indiana University professor and administrator. Briscoe Quadrangle is named after him.

Briscoe was born in Shoals, Indiana. He graduated from the university in 1917 with a degree in chemistry, where he was known for his debating skills and was a member of many student societies. He returned to Shoals to become Superintendent of Schools, but enlisted in the army in 1918 to fight in World War I. He later returned to Bloomington and earned a Ph.D. in chemistry in 1924. Becoming a professor, he remained in the chemistry department for the rest of his life. He served as chairman of the chemistry department from 1938 - 1941, and Vice President and Dean of the Faculties from 1940 - 1959. He was also Director of the War Manpower Training Bureau during World War II.

On September 15, 1928, Briscoe married the former Orah Elberta Cole, and they had four children.