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High Flyers Family Circus

From Bloomingpedia

High Flyers Family Circus, also known as the High Flyers or the Bloomington High Flyers. Not to be confused with the Bloomington Circus.


A local Bloomington circus started by Bernadette Pace (and others) in the 1970s. The informal group has performed in Bloomington and surrounding area in a variety of festivals, private performances, and fund raisers. These include participating in the Bloomington 4th of July Parade, the Elletsville Fall Festival, and the Harmony School summer circus/fund raiser.

The circus is all volunteer and practices on trapeze (single and flying), trampoline, teeterboard, cloud walk, cradle, Spanish web , juggling, and other areas of performance.

The High Flyers Family Circus has traditionally not had animals, though in a few Harmony School summer circuses there have been horses.


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