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Jake's was the name of the nightclub and bar located at 419 N. Walnut Street in Bloomington. The nightclub held weekly open mic nights, beer pong, and dance parties, and had hosted a wide variety of performers from local bands to groups touring internationally.

The club had the largest concert space of any Bloomington nightclub, and was repainted and repaired in 2012.

It was owned by WSNR, a Greenwood-based LLC partially owned by Mike Galardo.


Lee Williams, of the Lotus Festival, ran bookings for the original Jake's, bringing in many diverse acts. R.E.M., Fishbone, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, and They Might be Giants have performed there over the years.

The building at 419 N. Walnut has housed a nightclub of one name or another for at least 25 years; it was previously known as Time Out and briefly Oscar's and it was later changed to Mars, then Axis, and for a short period starting in January 2006 it was renamed The Walnut Street Tap. By September 2006 the name was changed back to Jake's once again.

DSNR purchased the club in 2012 from a consortium including Dave Kubiak, owner of the Bluebird, who purchased it in 2004.

It closed in 2013 and was replaced by Switchyard Brewing.

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