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The Indiana Floods of 2008

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Flooding at 3rd and the bypass on June 4th

Starting June 4th, 2008 and going until at least June 8th, a series of floods swamped Indiana south of Indianapolis and as far west as Terre Haute as far south as Columbus and now Worthington and Bloomfield. According to a river flooding meter in Paragon, it could be the worst flooding the area has seen since 1913.

Starting in Bloomington

In the late afternoon of June 4th, 2008. A major thunderstorm ripped through Bloomington. Causing heavy rain, lightning, high winds and hail. The rain came down so intensely that at the peak of the showers, that visibility was cut down to about 100 feet. The day before there had been another intense thunderstorm, leaving the ground saturated.

The result was many flash floods throughout the area. The most notable is probably the large 4 foot deep pond that developed at the intersection of Kirkwood Avenue and Dunn Street, flooding many businesses there. Some had not seen flooding since before The Big Dig Project in 2000. Many roads that had water running over them were damaged, leaving some large potholes in places. Parked cars where carried into the middle of streets, some cars being driven through the currents where carried off road and into small ravines.


  • The water in Jimmy John's on Kirkwood Avenue was in the store and ankle deep.
  • Nick's English Hut staff used mops to keep the water level manageable in the restaurant
  • The area around Winslow Road and Walnut Street Pike was flooded.
  • A strong current was flowing over the road on Country Club Road near the old railroad switchyard.
  • Gridlock occurred on SR 37 going south out of town.
  • There was heavy traffic in many areas on the south side due to the city rerouting people around flooded areas. Some people claimed it took them an hour to travel just a few miles.
  • The area around Bottom Road just off SR 37 and going over to the end of Maple Grove Road further north is completely flooded.
  • County Councilwoman Sophia Travis went into labor on June 4th, presumably due to the pressure and water change, seven weeks early. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy on June 5th. On June 6th and June 7th, she had to huddle in the hospital corridors, due to tornado warnings.
  • Ankle-Deep water rushed into Big Red Liquors at 9th and Walnut through the rear of the store.
  • Many buildings on the Indiana University Campus (notably the Psychology Building, where the basement was submerged)were flooded or left without power.
  • Storm Drains on the Indiana University campus were seen to run backwards, shooting water several feet into the air
  • Manole Covers were seen to be thrown in the air by the force of "geysering" water around the area of 4th and Grant Streets.
  • 3rd and the bypass were flooded, with people standing in the Red Lobster parking lot looking at several cars in knee deep water.

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