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From Bloomingpedia
Kleindorfer's Hardware & Variety Store
Open Date: Long time ago
Address: 1401 W. Kirkwood Ave
Phone: (812) 332-0487
Hours: 7:30 - 6 Monday thru Saturday
Website: none

Kleindorfer's is a hardware and variety store located at 1401 W Kirkwood Avenue, just west of Rose Hill Cemetery. The storefront is visually distinguishable by it's aqua-blue color.

Kleindorfer's can be fairly described as a Bloomington institution, and has a deep and devoted customer base, owing to it's longevity, selection, and deeply knowledgeable staff. They also are among the most likely to sell individual items, or products by the foot / yard, especially helpful for those who don't need an entire roll or pound of something.

The fact that Kleindorfer's has been able to compete successfully with the larger Big Box stores located on the margins of Bloomington's city limits is perhaps attributable to their high level of customer service, as well as their institutional status as a friendly hangout.