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Tinyfolk are a Bloomington-based folk-pop duo comprised of Russ Woods and Meghan Lamb. Tinyfolk was originally the solo project of Russ Woods, and began under the name A Pilgrimage to Save This Human Race in Newburgh, IN. He changed the name to Tinyfolk when he moved to Bloomington in 2005. Meghan Lamb was later added as an occasional contributor and eventually a full-fledged member of the band.


A Pilgrimage to Save This Human Race began as the lo-fi bedroom recording project of Russ Woods. The songs were primarily talk-sung over drum machines and chord organ, though he sometimes used toy piano, autoharp and eventually soprano ukulele. Other than the move to Bloomington, one of the primary changes that took place with the name change was a switch to playing primarily baritone ukulele. When Meghan Lamb joined the band, her vocals often accompanied Russ's, and she added glockenspiel and other instruments to help fill out the sound.

Tinyfolk completed its' first extensive tour in the summer of 2007, when Russ toured the west coast under the Tinyfolk name, playing shows alongside Real Live Tigers from Austin, TX.


As A Pilgrimage to Save This Human Race:

  • My First Demo (EP, 2005, self-released)
  • Home of the Winningest High School Basketball Team in the Nation (2005, Dance Machine Records/self-released)
  • Reality's Not Big Enough for the Love I've Got for You (EP, 2005, Bunch of Beatniks Riding a Rocket)

As Tinyfolk:

  • The Cat Album (2005, self-released, later reworked and released as Thirty-Six Cat Songs on Bunch of Beatniks Riding a Rocket)
  • Love Doesn't Grow on Trees (2005, Agriculture Records/self-released)
  • Split with The Encyclopedias (2006, Ought Implies Can Records, later reworked and released as Little Mice and Other Things That Go Skitter Skitter on Bunch of Beatniks Riding a Rocket)
  • Platapeasawallaland: A Rainy-Day Owlbum (2007, Valiant Death Records)
  • Bill (2007, Pop Monster Records)
  • Pizza Under the Sea (EP, 2007, Wee POP! Records)
  • Valley Forge (Split EP with Manipulator Alligator, 2008, Sanitary Records)
  • Jack's Broth (EP, 2008, CLLCT)
  • Sic Semper Equis (2008, CLLCT/Oh! Map Records)
  • Steel Magnolias (Split EP with Brother Bird, 2008, CLLCT)
  • Catfood Shotgun Goddamn (2008, CLLCT)

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