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Alfred Grindle

From Bloomingpedia

Alfred Grindle was a native of Manchester, England who came to the United States in 1888. He spent two years in Albany, New York working as a draftsman at the firm of Fuller & Wheeler. He relocated to Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1890 and worked for several years as a draftsman at the firm of Wing & Mahurin. He began an architectural practice in 1894. In 1904 he moved to Muncie, Indiana. Around 1910 he moved to Indianapolis and around 1918 he relocated to Brown County for reasons of poor health. While living in Brown county he maintained an office and an apartment in Bloomington.

Grindle worked in partnership with several different individuals during his career, but appears to have worked independently most of the time. All Bloomington projects associated with him appear to be directly attributable to him. They are:

Grindle was elected to membership in the American Institute of Architects in November of 1930.


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