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Bottom Road

From Bloomingpedia

Bottom Road begins at State Road 37 just south of the North Walnut Street/Business 37 overpass. It directly links with the northern end of Kinser Pike.

Bottom Road closely follows Beanblossom Creek north through Bloomington Township past East Maple Grove Road and Wylie Road when entering Washington Township.

Continuing north, Bottom Road connects to Lawson Road, Simpson Chapel Road, Old North Maple Grove Road, Williams Road, Denny Road, Dittemore Road before entering Beanblossom Township.

Bottom Road continues, passing Woodall Road,west after a T-intersection with Mt. Pleasant Road connects with Prather Road and Liberty Hollow Road before terminating at a T-intersection with Mount Tabor Road north of Ellettsville.

The road is known for its restored wetlands, bicycle traffic, migrating waterfowl, and tendency to flood. Not to mention, the occasional tornado path.

The unicorporated town of Modesto is commonly centered on Bottom Road near the intersection with Simpson Chapel Road. While many of Modesto's historic 19th century structures are gone, Bottom Road passes the McNeely House known for its Greek Revival architectural details.

The area is not free of controversy. In the late 1980s, Bottom Road was the proposed site of a toxic ash dump for PCBs. Through community efforts, with strong leadership from COPA, the decision was overturned. Since then, Bottom Road was the proposed site of a shooting range for The City of Bloomington, also overturned. The Beanblossom Bottoms area is also in the path of the proposed new-terrain I-69.

According to rumors and old maps, Bottom Road was once called Beanblossom Road. This is of little surprise due to its proximity to Beanblossom Creek. However, there is another road called Beanblossom Road which connects to Anderson Road near Lake Lemon and the old Beanblossom Lake in Morgan-Monroe State Forest.