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Devin Blankenship

From Bloomingpedia

Short Bio

Devin Blankenship, a native of Bloomington, has been involved with several organizations in the area. As an avid traveler, Devin has visited locations near and far ranging from McCormick's Creek to Ireland. He is passionate about local history and culture. Devin enjoys helping people discover Bloomington and Monroe County. He dislikes when people use the word townie in an inappropriate or derogatory way.


Both formal and informal education serve as a keystone of Devin's experiences. He attended the following schools:

The most influential programs in his education include Bloomington North Marching Band, Community of Teachers, and Cultural Immersion Projects.


To date, Devin has worked with a variety of businesses and other organizations.

Other Projects

Devin is currently working on several projects ranging from a community development project in Modesto to Bloomington Celtic Culture Weekend. He successfully developed an Irish language group that meets at Runcible Spoon and Boxcar Books.


Devin participates in Bloomington Community Band and Young Professionals of Bloomington.