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Fairfax Road

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Fairfax Road is a curvy, north/south road just south of Bloomington on the western side of Lake Monroe. It curves many times on its journey from Walnut Street to the lake, mainly heading southeast.

Walnut Street

Its northern terminus is at a 4-way intersection with Walnut Street/Business 37. On the west side of Walnut, the road continues on as Church Lane to the west. After heading east for 0.4 miles past Walnut Street Pike and the Bloomington Speedway, Fairfax Road veers southeast, and begins its trek to Lake Monroe.

Moffet Lane

It passes Moffet Lane, which leads to Handy Road, which can eventually lead you to Moores Creek S.R.A. on the western shore of the lake, 1.85 nautical miles west of the causeway carrying SR 446.


Fairfax Road goes through the small town of Smithville, where it meets up with Strain Ridge Road, a thoroughfare to the dam at the southern end of the lake, Lakeview Elementary School, and SR 37. It also meets Smithville Road, called Ramp Creek Road to the east of Fairfax Road. Ramp Creek Road will eventually lead you back to Handy Ridge Road, and Moores Creek S.R.A. Taking Smithville Road to the west will lead you to SR 37 and Old State Road 37's southern spur.

Fairfax S.R.A./Fourwinds Resort & Marina

After Smithville, Fairfax Road continues south towards the southern end of Lake Monroe, with roads branching off to the east to meet the lake at different intervals. When it meets Pointe Road, approx. 2.93 miles south of Smithville, it enters Fairfax State Recreation Area, home to Fourwinds Resort & Marina, beaches, and boat ramps. Fairfax Road continues for 1.33 miles, until meeting its southern terminus at Fourwinds, on the shores of the lake.

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