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Forburger-Harris Mill

From Bloomingpedia

The Forburger-Harris Mill was the mill for the F.B. Harris Cut Stone Company, incorporated in 1933. The company was renamed to the Forburger-Harris Stone Company in 1947 and ceased operations around 1960. The Wylie Mill was located on the opposite side of Clear Creek.

The land was owned by Don Robertson and eventually was sold to Randy Cassady. Cassady constructed a new building on the mill foundations. The new building is an homage to Monroe County history: it holds planks from RCA; ceiling trusses from the Von Lee; glass from the Woolery Stone Company Mill; a gantry from a mill near Cascades Park; a dining table from a French Lick hotel; an elevator from Ryan's Jewelry Store; lights discarded from Assembly Hall; bath fixtures from Bower Mechanicals; and a pergola from an old building at 314 S. Walnut Street.

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