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IU Credit Union

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IU Credit Union is the eighth largest credit union in Indiana.

As a credit union, it has most of the same functions as a bank, but with generally lower fees and higher returns to the customer. It is, as most credit unions are, effectively a co-op. The IU credit union is a member of the NCUA -- this association is the credit union equivalent to the FDIC -- so the normal account types (e.g. checking, savings) are considered as safe as in a bank. In many cases, credit unions are considered safer, as they have no shareholder pressure and have rarely engaged in the unusual lending practices or securities that caused such problems nationally in 2009. IUCU has stated that it is in excellent financial condition.

Bloomington Branches

Additional branches are located on 5 other IU campuses.

ATM locations

IUCU has 18 ATMs in 13 locations across Monroe County. A listing of all their ATMs is online. In addition to the ones they operate here (and on the 5 other IU campuses), they share ATM privileges with a range of other credit unions. Thus, one can frequently access IUCU accounts from credit union ATMs near home or other travel, without fees. Look at the IUCU website for many places and details.

LOCAL ATM locations:

External Links - IUCU Website