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Mark Sheehan

From Bloomingpedia

Mark Sheehan (User:Mcsboulder) was a Bloomington resident from 1953 to 1996, lived in the West for 15 years and returned to Bloomington in 2011.

Mark attended Margaret McCalla Elementary School, Dyer Junior High School, and Bloomington High School (now known as BHS South). He attended Indiana University, graduating with a Ph.D. in biology in 1979. From 1982-1996 he worked for IU's central computing service organization (called BACS, then UCS, later UITS). In 1996 he left Bloomington for Bozeman, MT where he served for four years as director of Montana State University's information technology center and six years as executive director for information services. In 2006 he relocated to Boulder, CO where he was a research fellow and senior research analyst for EDUCAUSE, the professional organization for higher education information technologists. He retired from EDUCAUSE and returned to Bloomington in 2011.

Mark and his wife Kathy have two sons, David (b. 1984) and Michael (b. 1986). Mark's mother and a brother still live in Bloomington, as do many life-long friends.

Mark can be reached at: