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Michael Pollack

From Bloomingpedia

Michael Pollack (October 23, 1947 - February 21, 2001) was a local developer and supporter of the arts in Bloomington. From his obituary:

Michael was the owner of Abodes Construction and Management, the owner/developer of real estate projects on the Town Square that include the Princess Theatre renovation, The View Point Building renovation, the renovation of the buildings on the North East corner of the Square housing Perennial Designs, Bare Essentials and Boca Loca, and The Ben Franklin Building renovation, as well as The Fields and The Woods at Latimer. He also co-developed The Woodlands, Henderson Crossing, Devonshire, The Devonshire Equestrian Center, The Arbors and various projects in Breckenridge, Colorado.
Michael was also the co-owner of The Bakehouse, World Wisdom Books publications and, until 1999, was the long-time owner of Perennial Designs.
He was a supporter of the Arts in Bloomington, including the BAAC and a long-time presenting sponsor of the Lotus Festival. The lighting of The Town Square at Christmas was originally his idea.*

* - Note that there is some contention about this last point. Some believe that Jean Hopewell was the first to suggest lighting the town square. Though, there is no debate the Pollack was a driving force.

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