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Monroe County Landfill

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The landfill opened in 1971 on Fish Road in northeastern Monroe County. It was operated by Rumpke of Indiana, a private corporation, until 1988, when management was turned over to the Heritage Construction Co, which had submitted a lower bid. In 1991 the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District assumed management. The landfill was expanded from 37 to 57 acres in 1998, with seven acres being devoted to construction and demolition debris. It stopped accepting waste on July 31, 2004, and is still in the process of final shutdown.

The State Board of Health began licensing landfills in 1975, but refused to grant one to Monroe County due to leachate seeping into nearby streams. The state sued the county in 1983, hoping to shut down the landfill, but a plan was eventually worked out where the county would create collection ponds around the landfill and truck the leachate to the sewer treatment site.

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