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Moses Fell Dunn

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Moses Dunn (1842-1915) was an early landowner in Bloomington, and was the man who sold Dunn's Woods to Indiana University.

Born to George G. Dunn and the former Julia Fell, Dunn attended Hanover College and Harvard. Becoming a lawyer, Dunn served in the Indiana Legislature and made an unsuccessful run for congress in 1870.

After the original campus building burned, he sold the 20 acres of Dunn's Woods to the university for $6,000, while keeping several acres north of 7th Street, in University Courts.

Some years later Indiana Avenue was extended northward and paved, dividing Dunn's property and causing him great bitterness towards the city. He died in Bedford a bachelor, leaving behind an estate of more than $250,000. While much of the estate was donated to charity, Dunn refused to give anything to the university or hospital of Bloomington.

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