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Rogers Road

From Bloomingpedia

East Rogers Road is an East-West road on the southeast side of town -- easily confused with Rogers Street which is a north-south road near Walnut Street. It runs for about 1.5 miles, from the traffic circle intersection with High Street and Winslow Road until it curves north and becomes Smith Road. (Smith road should not be confused with Smith Pike at the opposite corner of town.) Rogers Road is a continuation of Winslow Road on the same alignment. The only major intersection along its length is with Sare Road (aka College Mall Road).

Rogers Road is one of at least four roads to bear the name Rogers in the Bloomington Area, including two segments of Rogers Street (North Rogers Rd. for one, and North and South Rogers Rd. for the other). The remaining road is Rogers Rd / Rogers Rd West, just a short 3/4 mile road off of SR 37 some three miles south of the terminus of (and perpendicular to) South Rogers Rd.