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Student Building

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As seen from the Sample Gates, by Andrew Stoeckley.


The Student Building at Indiana University is a lab, office and classroom building located near the Sample Gates on the west side of campus. Designed by the firm of Vonnegut & Bohn, it was built in 1905 and currently houses the Department of Geography and Department of Anthropology as well as computer clusters, map rooms and more. It was rennovated in 1991 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Indiana University Museum moved from Maxwell Hall to the Student Building in 1970.

On December 17, 1990, during renovation, the building caught fire, due to welders not properly extinguishing their materials. It caused $1.9 million dollars in damages, and destroyed some of the custom bells from the Netherlands in the clock tower.

The building has a tall clock tower that is often photographed to represent Indiana University.

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