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Vegetarian friendly restaurants

From Bloomingpedia

This is a list of restaurants in Bloomington that have a partial or completely vegetarian menu. Please help us improve this list. You can also see the related category Category:Vegetarian-friendly Restaurants.

There is a wide range of dietary preferences in the Vegetarian group. "Vegetarian" generally refers to not eating any form of meat (whether or not it includes fish as meat depends upon the person; for this list, fish does not count as vegetarian). "Vegan" generally means no meat or animal products such as eggs or milk. On this list, those marked with a bold, capital V are also known to have Vegan friendly dishes. Note that non-vegetarians who have difficulty digesting dairy products (e.g. lactose-intolerant) frequently look for vegan food because it is sure to not have milk or other dairy products.

Note, most of these serve vegetarian dishes rather than being exclusively vegetarian