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Weather 2007-02-13

From Bloomingpedia radar map. 2am. A wintery mix. radar map. 2pm. Sleeting in Bloomington.

Starting the night before and going through all of the 13th, snow, rain and sleet hit central Indiana. Although only a few inches of snow accumulated, the sleet mix caused roads to become very slick and difficult to drive on. Several car accidents where reported including someone sliding almost 100 feet off of SR 46 towards Ellettsville.

Power outages happened on the east side that lasted until the 14th and other shorted outages happened all around Monroe County.

Everything became covered with ice, causing tree branches to break or droop down to the ground. The ice stayed on trees, buildings and signs until Sunday the 18th, but by Saturday a lot had melted or had been blown off. During that week many parts of Bloomington had a fairy tale type look.

Tree covered in ice on the west side of Bloomington
Power and telephone lines caked with ice