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Bloomingpedia:This month's featured article/2007

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The following is a list of articles that have been featured on the front page in 2007. There is also a list of proposed future articles.


Howards bookstore 2005-08-31.jpg

Originally started by former General Motors parts and service employee Howard Canada as a retirement project, Howard's Bookstore became a staple business on the Bloomington downtown square. Operated for 22 years by Jane and Howard Canada, the store specializes in special orders, children's books, and local southern Indiana history.

Over the years it occupied four locations adjacent to the Monroe County Courthouse. It started out in the old Allen Building, but moved to the south side of the square shortly afterwards. In 1987 it moved to the Kresge Building, owned by Bloomington attorney Ken Nunn, when CFC, Inc. began renovating the Fountain Square Mall. When Kresge building rents increased in 1992, Howard Canada made the decision to move back to the now-renovated Fountain Square Mall into virtually the same space the storefront had occupied before.

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