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Bloomingpedia:This week's featured article/2007

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The following is a list of articles that have been featured on the front page in 2007. There is also a list of proposed future articles.

Week 43 - (October 22nd - October 28th)


The Bakehouse has two locations in Bloomington. The main location, located at the southwest corner of 6th and Walnut on the downtown square, provides fresh baked bread on a daily basis. A second location on State Road 46 near the College Mall provides an extension of the deli and bagel service of the main location.

In addition to the two Bloomington locations, the Bakehouse maintains a walk-in area at its main bakery on SR 37. They also sell baked goods to restuarants in Indianapolis such as St. Elmo's and Keystone Grill.

The main Bakehouse location at the corner of 6th and Walnut was opened by one the co-owners of Michael's Uptown Cafe in 1995. Strats Stratigios and Michael Cassady aimed to capitalize on a grown trend in the mid 90s toward providing fresh-baked breads. After spending years at Michael's trying to develop good bread recipes, the owners reached out to Bloomington cookbook author Bernard Clayton Jr..

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Week 42 - (October 15th - October 21st)

Monroe county courthouse 20050718.jpg

The Monroe County Courthouse is the traditional center of Bloomington. It was built in 1907 during a time of great prosperity. It is the third County Courthouse. The Courthouse is the center of the Downtown Square. The lawn and sidewalk surrounding the courthouse is frequently used for civic events, festivals, protests and other events. There are also many benches and areas for people to sit or lie down.

In 2007, the dome of the courthouse was refinished to its original copper color, which restorationists said it should retain for about 20 years until it beings to turn green again.

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Week 41 - (October 8th - October 14th)


Lee Williams is a co-founder of the Lotus World Music and Arts Festival. He started DJ'ing at Bullwinkle's nightclub in the late 70's and helped co-found the Second Story live music venue above Bull's. He worked as the booking manager at Second Story for a year, then went on to book for Jake's. In 1994, he, along with James Combs and Shahyar Daneshgar, helped organize the original Lotus Festival. He is currently the Executive Director/Artistic Director of the festival.

Born in New Albany, Indiana, Williams' family moved around a lot when his Air Force father was re-assigned. He credits his varied experiences in other cultures with his passion for diverse world music.

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Week 40 - (October 1st - October 7th)


Tutto Bene, meaning everything is good in Italian, is the namesake of Bloomington's only wine cafe located at 213 S. Rogers Street. The cafe, housed in a refurbished frozen foods warehouse, has an open seating concept that includes couches, coffee tables, and partitions making it very flexible while hosting musical performances and art exhibitions.

At any one time, approximately 30 wines were offered by the glass ranging in price from $5 to $11 per glass; there are hundreds of more options offered by the bottle. tutto bene's food selection is influenced by multiple international cuisines and makes use of the most local farms and local food distributors in Bloomington. The food is served in the tapas style (small plates) along with salads, sandwiches and housemade soup. The cafe also offers a wide selection of specialty coffee drinks, desserts, and dessert wines.

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Week 39 - (September 24th - September 30th)

Studying before going into the quiz. Yoo Jung Jang, Hee Soo Suh, Elizabeth (Saori) Parker Bpediaupload.JPG

The Bloomington North Japan Club is a club at Bloomington High School North for any student interested in Japanese culture and language. This student run organization participates annually in the Japanese Olympiad of Indiana as well as organizing several local activities for the school. Meeting times are usually during Seminar, but after school sessions are not uncommon. Olympiad participants meet after school more often than regular members.

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Week 38 - (September 17th - September 23rd)


Elkinsville is a small town approximately 45 minutes' drive from Bloomington. Most of the town was destroyed in 1964 when the US Army Corps of Engineers claimed most of the town's land as a floodplain for the new Lake Monroe Reservoir. All farms up to 560 feet above sea level were claimed, though Elkinsville still has residents today. In addition to homesteads, the government razed the church, two one-room school houses, a blacksmith shop, a mechanic's garage and a general store. Former Elkinsville residents have been gathering annually since 1987 in current resident Bill Miller's backyard.

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Week 37 - (September 10th - September 16th)


The Indiana University Computer Gaming Club (IUCGC), an official student organization of Indiana University, was founded by Jonny Sweeny and Andy Jones in the Spring of 2000. The first LAN War was 18-19 November 2000. Currently, the IUCGC has over 650 members participating in events year-round. The club is best known for their semi-annual LAN Wars. These events attract 150+ gamers from all over Indiana and the Midwest. There are typically five formal tournaments and thousands of dollars worth of prizes from several notable companies. A free dinner is always provided at the event.

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Week 36 - (September 3rd - September 9th)


The Cereal Barn & Peanut Butter Cafe is located at 408 E. 6th Street next to the Runcible Spoon. The Cereal Barn claims to be Indiana's first cereal bar. Its owners designed the restuarant to offer unlimited meal and light snack options for adults, families, students and everyone young at heart. The Cereal Barn claims to offer "fun, good, meals and snacks in a bright, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere". Their slogan is: "YOUR BOWL, YOUR WAY, EVERY DAY". The Cereal Barn sometimes finds itself host to groups for meetings and other get togethers. They regularly host Calliope's Circle on Wednesday evenings.

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Week 35 - (August 27th - September 2nd)


Janko's Little Zagreb is a locally-owned steakhouse on 6th Street. Opened in 1972, the restaurant's small menu is focused on steak and its usual accompaniments. The restaurant was initially known as the "Choo-Choo Cafe" in reference to the nearby railroad track. It initially served Yugoslavian and Eastern European cuisine, but later focused on beef. It is well known outside Bloomington and has a reputation for serving the best steak in town.

The name of the restaurant comes from a nickname that the John S. Pouch's Croatian immigrant grandmother had for him. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. The restuarant was initially owned by John Pouch's brother, Jeff, with John supplying the beef.

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Week 34 - (August 20th - August 26th)


Eigenmann Hall, currently officially known now as Eigenmann Residence Center, is a 14 story dormitory on the Indiana University campus located at 1900 E. 10th Street. It was built in 1968 and dedicated on November 15, 1970. It is one of the tallest buildings in Bloomington. It is named for Carl Eigenmann, a famous icthyologist. Eigenmann has four wings. The wing of each floor connects at an open common area with 4 elevators.

For a long period of time, Eigenmann Hall was a hot spot for international students. Because it housed most of the international students who lived on campus, it was the only dorm that was open year round including during all school breaks. At one point, students from over 100 different countries speaking over 40 different languages lived there. Some adventurous Americans lived there for the experience of having neighbors from many different cultures living on your floor. It was also a popular spot for graduate students. It was the melting pot of Bloomington.

Week 33 - (August 13th - August 19th)


Showers Brothers Furniture was started in 1868 when William and James Showers bought out their father's interest in a Bloomington cabinetmaking business for $300. From this humble beginning, the Showers Brothers Company would grow to the point that in the 1920s, it produced 60 percent of the furniture manufactured in the U.S., claiming distinction as “The World’s Largest Furniture Factory.”

Little is known about the origins of the Showers family business. Charles Showers, a preacher and cabinetmaker, came to Bloomington sometime in the mid 1850s. He opened a furniture and coffin-making shop on the Bloomington downtown square shortly afterwards. At some point, Charles' sons, William and James, bought out their father's interest in the business for $300 and moved the business to a new store on Ninth and Grant Streets when neighbors complained about the noise from the shop.

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Week 32 - (August 6th - August 12th)


Le Petit Cafe is a southern French bistro and restaurant located on 6th Street at 308 W. 6th Street. They have indoor seating, with a large screen window during the warmer months.

The atmosphere at the cafe is warehouse-chic, with plants and cheery lighting. The restaurant is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Patrick Fiore and Marina Ballor, who are both chefs and servers and live on the premises.

The restaurant is setup in the "European way" according to Patrick, where the front part is the restaurant and the back part is their house.

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Week 31 - (July 30th - August 5th)


Started back in 1997, IURTC was created by the IU Foundation at the request of then IU President, Myles Brand. The Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation (IURTC) is a non profit organization that was created to deal with all IU Trademarks, Business Development, and Intellectual Property. They were also made to hold equity in other corporations as part of licensing deals. IURTC actually has a contract with IU which allows them to do what they do. The contract allows them to deal with the functions of Technology Transfer, the IRLP (Industrial Research Liaison Program), Corporate Development, Licensing & Trademarks, the KEP (Kelley Executive Partners), and the IU Research Park.

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Week 30 - (July 23rd - July 29th)


The Bloomington North Drumline is a section within the Bloomington North Marching Band consisting of the percussive instruments of the band. They compete in Class B ISSMA competition, often placing well. They most recently placed their best ever this past year with a 5th place rating at the 2006 ISSMA State Finals, beating some of their closest rivals and one of the three best bands in the state. The line along with the band has also been on many trips and performed in special parades across the nation.

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Week 29 - (July 16th - July 22nd)

The cinemat 20050718.jpg

The Cinemat is a movie rental store at 123 South Walnut Street. They offer a wide variety of films including independent, foreign, classic, art-house, documentary, animated, experimental, silent, GLBT, music documentary & musicals. The Cinemat also has a screening room where you can watch movies on a big screen with big sound and supports large groups. Owned by Steve Volan (The Agate Agency, Inc.).

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Week 28 - (July 9th - July 15th)


The Runcible Spoon is an eclectic coffee house on 6th Street near Indiana University. Serving gourmet coffee and full meal service, the "Spoon" has been a longtime favorite of University students and local residents. They are known throughout the area for having a bathroom with goldfish swimming in the bathtub (also in a koi pond out in back). The name, Runcible Spoon, comes from Edward Lear's The Owl and the Pussycat, a poem about love, adventure, nature, and whimsy: "They dined on mince, and slices of quince, Which they ate with a runcible spoon." Elements from the story and its main characters are evident throughout the restaurant's decor.

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Week 27 - (July 2nd - July 8th) Monroe County Civic Theater, a not-for-profit community theater, aims to bring quality theater to Monroe County and surrounding areas and to provide experience in all aspects of theater production to all interested persons. The curtain rose on MCCT's first production on September 12th, 1986. 2007 is their twenty-first season, which began with their ninety-ninth production.

MCCT's 20th Anniversary Logo

They have presented plays from many centuries; from Greek and Medieval plays to modern times, including Shakespeare, Molière, Racine, Tom Taylor, Gilbert and Sullivan, Checkov, Shaw, Wilde, Ibsen, Coward, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Sondheim, Bram Stoker, and ten children's plays.

They have performed at the Waldron Arts Center, the Bloomington Playwrights Project, Harmony School (outdoors and indoors), Karst Farm Park, the Monroe County Public Library auditorium, the Monroe County Historical Society Museum, Rhino's All-Ages Music Club, the Irish Lion, and various schools and health care centers in Monroe County, and have recently branched out to perform in Spencer as well.

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Week 26 - (June 25th - July 1st)


The John Waldron Arts Center, at 122 S. Walnut Street serves as the home and epicenter of the Bloomington Area Arts Council. The Center was initially constructed in 1992. The center provides space for musical and dramatic performances, gallery exhibitions and classes.

The Beaux Arts style building at the corner of Fourth and Walnut Streets was erected in 1915. It was originally used as the Bloomington City Hall until 1965 when the Bloomington Police Department moved in. The BPD moved out of the building in 1985, leaving it virtually vacant for five years. One tenant, the Bloomington Fire Department, used the south side of the 2nd floor as dormitory space for firefighters in the adjacent fire station.

After several failed attempts at the creation of an area arts center, the Bloomington Area Arts Council was finally able to raise the money necessary to renovate the old City Hall Building in 1990. The fundraising effort received a tremendous boost through the initially anonymous donation of $375,000 to the project by Cecile Waldron. In gratitude for the donation, the BAAC named the building after John Waldron, a prominent city politician in the 1800s and great-grandfather to Cecile Waldron's husband, Charles. The City of Bloomington handed over the deed to the property to the BAAC in a ceremony on July 31, 1990 at the Fountain Square atrium. The BAAC compaign coordinator was Evelyn Powers.

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Week 25 - (June 18th - June 24th)


Peoples Park is a 1/3 acre park formed when land was donated on December 17, 1976. It is located at the intersection of Kirkwood Avenue and Dunn Street. In the late 1970's and early 1980's, various landscaping improvements and site amenities were installed at the park. In 1994, as a result of meetings with business owners, citizens and park users concerned about park safety and cleaniness, park site amenities were replaced. The locations of benches and tables were changed, additional lighting installed, exposed aggregate sidewalks were repaired, and additional trash receptacles and ash urns were placed. In keeping with the tradtion of the park as a gathering place for socialization, and due to limited capital improvment funds, no other significant improvements of physical changes have occurred in the park's 20-year history.

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Week 24 - (June 11th - June 17th)


Elkinsville is a small town approximately 45 minutes' drive from Bloomington. Most of the town was destroyed in 1964 when the US Army Corp claimed most of the town's land as a floodplain for the new Lake Monroe Reservoir. All farms up to 560 feet above sea level were claimed, though Elkinsville still has residents today. In addition to homesteads, the government razed the church, two one-room school houses, a blacksmith shop, a mechanic's garage and a general store. Former Elkinsville residents have been gathering annually since 1987 in current resident Bill Miller's backyard.

Located off the main Elkinsville road is the cemetary where many of the town's longtime residents and their families are laid to rest. Easily accessible via Elkinsville Cemetary Road, it has a covered picnic area as well as a rudimentary restroom maintained by volunteers. There are close to 150 gravestone markers, some dating back to the mid-1800s.

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Week 23 - (June 4th - June 10th)


The Community Bike Project is a program to provide bicycles for people in the city. Volunteers direct an open public workshop, where community members have free access to tools and miscellaneous bike parts. Donations and new volunteers are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

A bicycle project for Bloomington was first envisioned by members of the Center for Sustainable Living in 1997. Charles Hammond, Youth Bicycle Education Network member and founder of the Bicycle Action Project (Indianapolis), was invited to present to CSL members about Youth Bicycle Education. He offered to make used bikes available to the Center if they chose to start a bicycle project. In the spring of 1998 Larry Mongin, Christine Glaser and two other CSL members began research for the bike project, including a visit to the Bicycle Action Project.

Week 22 - (May 28th - June 3rd)


Collins Living Learning Center is the oldest residence hall still in use on campus. The main group of buildings (Edmondson, Cravens, Smith) are located across from Woodlawn Field on the southwest corner of 10th Street and Woodlawn Avenue. The auxiliary site is comprised of two buildings (Brown, Green) located on Woodlawn Avenue just north of 11th Street behind the School of Informatics. Faculty offices and advising takes place in the Collins Annex, two former residences converted into staff offices. Collins LLC also includes Hillcrest Apartments located at the northwest intersection of 10th Street and Fess Avenue.

Week 21 - (May 21th - May 27th)


The Monroe County Public Library is the public library serving residents of Monroe County and the surrounding communities. It has branches in Bloomington and Ellettsville, as well as a Bookmobile and homebound service. The MCPL also hosts office space for HoosierNet, Inc., a local internet service provider. The library also hosts meetings for various organizations in Bloomington, such as the Bloomington Linux Users Group. The main branch is located on Kirkwood Avenue at 303 E. Kirkwood Avenue, between Lincoln Street and Grant Street. The Ellettsville branch is located at 600 W. Temperance Street, at the intersection of Temperance and Sale Street.

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Week 20 - (May 14th - May 20th)

Fishin shedd-2007-05-13a.jpg

The Fishin' Shedd is located at 4855 S. State Road 446. The Shedd family has now had three generations of the family that have been employed at the Shedd. The Shedds also are involved in the Lake Monroe Boat Rental and The Outback Marine, which is next door.

This business was first opened by Richard "Dick" Shedd on April 1st of 1968. On the recommendation of his friend McCormick, he bought a 1 acre piece of land on Lake Monroe where the building is now. Originally there was a big hole in the lot and he had to use almost 10,000 yards of fill dirt to build the slope up in order to support the building. While he was filling in the area, an architect drove by and offered to design the building.

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Week 19 - (May 6th - May 13th)


Showalter Fountain is the centerpiece of the Fine Arts Square; around which reside the Auditorium, the School of Fine Arts and the Lilly Library. Funded by Grace Montgomery Showalter, the sculpture of the goddess Venus being born from a clam shell was designed by former IU faculty member Robert Laurent.

The ledge surrounding the fountain is a favorite spot for students to sit, read and wait for their next class.

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Week 18 - (April 30th - May 5th)


Lake Monroe is a man-made reservoir that was completed by the Army Corps of Engineers 1970. The US Army Corps of Engineers began construction on the reservoir in the 1960s. Prior to contruction, there existed several small communities in the valley. Most notable was the small town of Elkinsville. Most of the residents were made to leave if their property fell below a certain elevation. Construction of the dam was completed in 1965. It remains today the largest lake in Indiana.

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Week 17 - (April 23rd - 29th)


The Bloomington North Drumline is a section within the Bloomington North Marching Band consisting of the percussive instruments of the band. They compete in Class B ISSMA competition, often placing well. They most recently placed their best ever this past year with a 5th place rating at the 2006 ISSMA State Finals, beating some of their closest rivals and one of the three best bands in the state. The line along with the band has also been on many trips and performed in special parades across the nation.

A drumline is a group of several percussionists either holding marching drums, such as bass and snare, or the pit, with such instruments as marimbas and timpani. The origins of such lines go back to...

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Week 16 - (April 16th - April 22nd)


The Bloomington Linux Users Group (commonly called BLUG) is a users group for people interested in the Linux operating system, GNU software and other Open Source software. They usually meet on the 2nd Tuesday each month at the Monroe County Public Library. There is also a large group of people on their mailing list, which is used as a help forum and also for general discussion. They also hold other events such as weekly Linux-centric gaming sessions and informal meetings.

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Week 15 - (April 9th - April 15th)


The Indiana Memorial Union, commonly called the Union or the IMU, is the student union for Indiana University. The IMU is located on 7th Street in the heart of campus. It is west of Beck Chapel and Dunn Cemetery. It was originally established in 1909 by then student John Whittenberger and IU President William Lowe Bryan.

Currently it is the second largest student union building in the United States, if not the world. It is notable that it is a mere 11 square feet larger than the Student Union at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Some people, as well as Indiana University, consider the IMU the largest if you consider that the student union at Oklahoma State University doubles as a student government building, which is considered unusual.

It is one of the biggest buildings in Bloomington. It's a 500,000-square-foot, seven-story tall limestone building. It's a very popular place for students to go to study, relax, eat, bowl, watch a movie, and even to shop. Many official IU activities and events take place at the Union.

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Week 14 - (April 2nd - April 8th) Bloomingpedia-screenshot-200714.jpg

Bloomingpedia, itself.

Week 13 - (February 26th - April 1st)


The Forest Residence Hall is a coed undergraduate dormitory located along 3rd Street on the campus of Indiana University. It consists of two buildings, A and B-Tower. Both of them were built within 1965 and 1966. Before the time that this building was constructed, A-Tower was planned for female students and B-Tower was planned for male students. However, there were more female studying at IU starting from that time, so B-Tower was also occupied by females. Forest became the second women-only residence hall on campus in the early years; the first women's dorm on campus was the Agnes E. Wells Quadrangle, which is now used to house classrooms and offices. Forest became a co-ed residence hall on January of 1996, when the B tower was used to house male students except for the second floor, which remained reserved for female students.

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Week 12 - (February 19th - March 25th)


The Hilton Garden Inn is a Hilton brand hotel located in downtown Bloomington on the corner of College Avenue and 7th Street. It is in the location previously occupied by the front half of the old Regester Parking Garage. The address of the hotel is 245 North College Avenue and their phone number is 331-1335. The hotel opened on Thursday April 13th, 2006. The Hotel has 168 guestrooms including 4 suites. There is over 5000 square feet of divisible meeting and banquet space to accomodate up to 350 guests.

For years prior to the construction of this hotel, there was questionability as to whether there would be enough of a market for a second upper class hotel downtown. At one point, Holiday Inn was considering putting a hotel in this location, but they pulled out. The Hilton has been fairly popular in its first year.

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Week 11 - (March 12th - March 18th)


Herman B Wells (June 7, 1902March 18, 2000) was an Acting President from 1937 to 1938, the 11th President at Indiana University from 1938 to 1962 and the Interim President in 1968. He also served as the university's Chancellor from 1962 to 2000. During his tenure as President he built the university into a respected research establishment and home to the top music school in the nation. Wells also worked to raise funding and acquire donations to build a wealth of information for the university's library. After World War II, Wells worked feverishly to increase the size of the campus to accommodate for veterans that returned from the war. The size of the campus quadrupled under him and enrollment increased five-fold. The Main Library that Wells put so much effort into now carries his name in honor of his work for the university as the Herman B Wells Library. He is considered by many to have been Indiana University's greatest leader.

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Week 10 - (March 5th - March 11th)


The Indiana University Auditorium is a large multi-purpose auditorium in the heart of the IU campus. It is used for concerts, broadway shows, speeches and many other types of performances. The Auditorium was built during the Great Depression as part of the Works Progress Administration program. The Auditorium was the first building designed for Indiana University by New York architectural firm Eggers and Higgins. The Auditorium opened on March 22, 1941. Closed for a $13 million renovation and restoration in 1997, the Auditorium reopened in 1999.

Among its many ammenities it has 3,154 seats, a balcony section, orchestra pit, a 4,543 pipe Schantz organ, a 3,700 square foot stage, hospitality rooms and a 4157 square foot Foyer.

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Week 9 - (February 26th - March 4th)

Breaking away.jpg

Breaking Away is the title of a 1979 film about The Little 500 bicycle race at Indiana University in Bloomington. It was directed by Peter Yates and written by Steve Tesich. It stars Dennis Christopher, Dennis Quaid, Daniel Stern, Jackie Earle Haley, Barbara Barrie and Paul Dooley. It won the Academy Award for Writing Original Screenplay, and was nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Barbara Barrie), Best Director, Best Music, Original Song Score and Its Adaptation or Best Adaptation Score and Best Picture.

The film was filmed in Bloomington and features many notable landmarks and locations including the IU Main Library, the IMU, the Musical Arts Center and the Delta Delta Delta house on 3rd Street.

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Week 8 - (February 19th - February 25th)


The Greene County Viaduct, which is officially known as Bridge X75-6 and also known as the Tulip Trestle, is a half mile long train bridge in Greene County, about 21.75 miles from Bloomington (from the intersection of SR 45 and Curry Pike). It was built in December of 1906 and is the third longest bridge of its kind in the world. It has 18 towers for support.

The original cost of the bridge was $246,504 which was estimated in 2004 dollars to be around $20 million.

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Week 7 - (February 12th - February 18th)

Avalon - 25-small.jpg

Avalon Games is a local gaming store that opened in late Summer of 2004. They are located in the Williamsburg shopping center on Pete Ellis Drive. A gaming store on the east side of town run by Keith and Chris, they keep a clean establishment and offer a variety of gaming experiences; tabletop, minitures, collectible card games, X-Box (there are two of them for head-to-head action), figures and collectables. They also carry a broad line of books and magazines, including local offerings such as Halcyon Magazine. Gamers of all disciplines can find something interesting.

Avalon plays host to nightly gaming events as well as regular tournaments for prizes and bragging rights. Popular regular gaming includes; table top role playing (many varieties), X-Box matches, Magic: The Gathering, Hero-Clix, WARMACHINE, and others. Large tournaments and events are held most Saturdays and can accommodate 30-40 people.

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Week 6 - (February 5th - February 11th)


The Mathers Museum of World Cultures is Indiana University's museum of anthropology, and the only specialized anthropology museum in Indiana. Accredited by the American Association of Museums, the Museum is dedicated to preserving and promoting knowledge of the world’s cultures, past and present.

The Museum's collections consist of over 25,000 objects and 40,000 photographs representing cultures from around the world. Distinctive strengths of the Museum collections include African and Native American cultures, Indiana history, Latin American cultures, and musical instruments from around the world.

The Mathers Museum was formally organized as the Indiana University Museum in 1963, but a forerunner of the institution can be traced back almost a century earlier. In the 1870s the University purchased the cabinets of Dr. David Dale Owen, a former Indiana state geologist. These cabinets, extensive geological collections, were placed with natural history and zoological collections in the Scientific and Law Building on the old campus (now Seminary Square Park).

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Week 5 - (January 29th - February 4th)

Nomad Buffet Shakya Preparing Prime Rib 2007-01-09.jpg

The Nomad Buffet, located on the northeast corner of N. Walnut and 17th Street, is a restaurant offering a selection of different central and east Asian cuisine. Though the ownership and management of the restaurant is Tibetan, the buffet menu offers different Asian fare in comparison to the other Tibetan restaurants in town, notably specializing in prime rib. Some regulars to the restaurant have begun shortening the name to simply "The Nomad."

The restaurant was opened in December of 2006 by Pema, a resident of Bloomington, with the help of other local Tibetan friends. Much of the remodeling of the interior, which had been inherited from the American Chopstick, was undertaken personally. Shakya, with previous experience in restaurant management, was charged with overseeing much of the new construction. Pema, who brought expertise as a restauranteur in Orlando, Florida, invested the start-up capital needed for the remodeling.

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Week 4 - (January 22nd - January 28st)


Lake Monroe is a man-made reservoir that was completed by the Army Corps of Engineers 1970.

The US Army Corps of Engineers began construction on the reservoir in 1968. Prior to contruction, there existed several small communities in the valley. Most notable was the small town of Elkinsville. Most of the residents were made to leave if their property fell below a certain elevation. Construction of the dam was completed in 1970. It remains today the largest lake in Indiana.

At it's deepest, Lake Monroe is nearly 40 feet. The dam is located at the southern end of the lake, which provides one of the most popular boat mooring locations. The northern part of the lake, separated by the SR 446 causeway is much more shallow (10 feet) and has idle zone restrictions throughout. There are many inlets that provide protection against the waves. On weekends, these are typically packed with large boats and waverunners tied together in long lines.

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Week 3 - (January 15th - January 21st)


Flattus was a popular funk band in Bloomington,Indiana from 1992 - 1997. The band began in 1991 when Brent 'Cornelius Boots' Courtney got a band together to perform at Pennsbury High School's talent show in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania during his senior year. His brother, Brian 'Chauncey' Courtney, soon joined the band on rhythm guitar. The band consisted of guitars,drums, and vocals at first, then blossomed into a full horn section with an occasional female vocalist. When the brothers came to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana in 1992, Matt 'Floyd' McClellan (bass), Kevin Leahy (drums), and Dave Appelman (sax) joined them for some informal talent show concerts in the lobby of Read Hall dorm.

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Week 2 - (January 8th - January 14th)


Kirkwood Avenue is the name for 5th Street between the Indiana University Sample Gates and Rose Hill Cemetery. With its wide array of bars, restaurants, and businesses, It serves as a popular spot for IU students and Bloomington residents. It was named after astronomer Daniel Kirkwood in 1895. Kirkwood initially ran through the Indiana University campus until 1987 when the Sample Gates were constructed. Although the street is official named Kirkwood along all of 5th Street, many people consider Kirkwood to only be the part between The Square and the IU campus.

In the summer of 2000, life was dramatically changed on the east part of Kirkwood when the city initiated The Big Dig to revamp the 100 year-old storm sewer system underneath the street. The dig area on Kirkwood was mostly between Dunn Street and Grant Street, although traffic was closed between Indiana Avenue and Grant Street. This affected several of the businesses in this area as it was difficult for customers to access storefronts. The project finished in October of 2000.

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Week 1 - (January 1st - January 7th)


Ashley Moseman was born on July 22, 1980 in Robbinsville, North Carolina. Following moves to Greenville, South Carolina and Adelaide, South Australia, Ashley settled in Monroe County in 1988.

Ashley was first enrolled in University Elementary School where he was a part of the Gifted and Talented program for the fourth through sixth grades. Here, he gained a reputation as both reserved and yet fiercely competitive, known for his vocal disbelief at having finished second in various reading contests in which he was convinced the first place student had forged the number of pages read to win the battle.

On one occasion, the NBC television network filmed his classroom as part of a series honoring the work of his teacher. This day, he was not on his best behavior, and NBC aired a clip of his teacher noting, "I'm not proud of Ashley...and Nick" Undoubtedly, such lack of respect fuelled the characteristic cynicism that remains an essential personal trait.

In sixth grade, Ashley first met James Nichols.

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