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Fairview Elementary

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Picture from south-east side.

Fairview Elementary School is one of the oldest still extant schools in Bloomington. A seven-story structure originally constructed in 1893, the building was expanded twice, in 1928 and 1954, to reach its current size. The large chimney stack is home to chimney swifts. It has no elevator and what is generally considered to be insufficient parking.

Fairview serves some of the poorest neighborhoods in Bloomington. Many students live in government subsidized housing and attend after-school programs such as those at Banneker Community Center and the Boys and Girls Club.

In 2007, the school failed to make Adequate Yearly Progress as defined by the No Child Left Behind act for the fifth year in a row. This forced the school to submit restructuring plans to the state. Several suggestion were offered, including tearing the school down and building a new one on the same site, and building a new school on the land of Butler Park.

The school was almost closed in 1983 due to declining enrollments and a lack of money, but was kept open after the MCCSC School Board voted to accept state funding for smaller class sizes. At that time Elm Heights Elementary, Brown Elementary and Sanders Elementary schools were closed.

In 1990, the school was extensively renovated, including new carpet, wall covering, windows and gym flooring and a cleaned-up exterior.

L.E. Dyer served as principal of Fairview for a time. The principal as of 2013 is Tommy Richardson.

The Fell Iron & Metal company was about a block away from the school. When PCBs became an issue at the company many parents became concerned about possible airborne contamination from the cleanup. The EPA assessed the risk as very slight, however.

627 W Eighth St
Bloomington, IN 47404