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Frank J. Dunn

From Bloomingpedia
Mayor Frank Dunn

Frank J. Dunn (b. 1869- d. 1948) was an attorney and Mayor of Bloomington from 1902-1904. On August 4, 1905, ex-Mayor Frank Dunn and Miss Ida Waldron (b 1875-d 1955) were married in Bloomington. Ida Waldron was a daughter of Bloomington pioneer, John Waldron, Sr.. They had two daughters, Frances Dunn and Margaret Dunn Regester.

Frank and Ida lived at 321 W Kirkwood Avenue (the old John Waldron Sr mansion) until Frank's death at age 79 in 1948. Frank committed suicide in his offices after battling a terminal illness. Ida moved out of the Waldron mansion soon after and the land was sold in 1954 to developers.

Frank Dunn is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery.